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It is not recommended to eat a lot of sweets right away. Such a measure can provoke a jump in blood sugar, which is harmful to small blood vessels. The average form of hypoglycemia (sugar below 2.7 mmol / l) is eliminated after taking 20 g of simple carbohydrates and 20 g of complex carbohydrates in 15-25 minutes.

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Treatment of a severe form of the disease requires the introduction of 1 g of glucagon intramuscularly. As a rule, the patient in this condition is not able to eat food to increase blood sugar levels. Foods and sugary drinks in a severe form of the disease can cause asphyxia. Patients hospitalized in a hospital with hypoglycemic coma, stop the symptom with a 40% glucose solution. This measure is more often used in Russian hospitals than glucagon, while being no less effective.

To prevent recurrence of hypoglycemia, all patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes should follow a series of preventive measures. These include the following. Knowing the exact dose of insulin for yourself, in accordance with individual characteristics and the diagnosis. The study of the principles of the action of the hormone on the human body. Knowledge of all methods of stopping an attack of hypoglycemia. Compliance with the regimen of taking medications, food and insulin.

Continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels. Endocrinologists recommend doing 4-5 measurements daily (in the morning on an empty stomach, before meals, before bedtime). Adjust insulin dose according to physical activity (reduction of the hormone before training or eating foods high in carbohydrates). Controlling the intake of alcoholic beverages. Strong alcohol (vodka, cognac, etc.), drunk on an empty stomach, greatly reduces blood glucose levels. Beer raises sugar levels. Patients with diabetes are not recommended to drink alcohol at all, otherwise it is worth taking it with food.

All organs need energy to work, which they can get from the breakdown of sugar. And most of all, the brain needs it. An increased need for glucose is also observed with great physical and mental stress, stress. With a lack of sugar in the blood, there is a deterioration in memory, vision, a slowdown in reaction and loss of coordination. In severe cases, irreversible death of brain cells occurs, leading to the death of a person. And the body can get glucose only from food during the breakdown of sugars and carbohydrates. Therefore, very often the state of hypoglycemia occurs with malnutrition.


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All metabolic processes in humans occur with the participation of hormones. And for the normal absorption of carbohydrates and their conversion into glucose, insulin is very important. Hypoglycemia occurs most often when too much of this substance is produced. Most often this happens with diabetes due to the use of special drugs. But hypoglycemia can also occur in other cases.

Hypoglycemia in this case is the result of an incorrect dosage of drugs or non-compliance with the diet. If this happens often, then you need to consult with your doctor about changing the treatment regimen. But it happens that hypoglycemia develops in type 2 diabetes. This can occur with an overdose of hypoglycemic drugs, with non-compliance with the diet or increasedproduction of glucose by the liver. That is why hypoglycemia in healthy people occurs extremely rarely and they are not dangerous - a decrease in sugar levels to the level at which the development of hypoglycemic coma is possible will not occur.

The metabolism in the body is designed so that unused glucose is deposited in the liver and muscles and used as needed. Such a mechanism is evidence of how important it is for normal life. If people who do not need to control their blood sugar rarely attribute their ailments to its low level, then diabetics should know what hypoglycemia is. This condition can develop in them in a short time and quickly lead to loss of consciousness and even death. Therefore, it is very important for them to follow all the doctor's recommendations and the exact dosage of medication.

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